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Design for Kids

10 Ways to Stylishly Display Kids’ Artwork

Whether you've got a little Monet or Picasso.
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As much as you love your child’s handprint-turned-turkey she brought home for Thanksgiving, it likely clashes with your more sophisticated canvases and prints. Here, with some expert help from the ever-adorable childrens’ shop Madre, we show you how to incorporate beloved art projects into your home’s design while maintaining an adult aesthetic.


Styled by Madre
Styled by Madre

Hang It Up

  1. Use frames that open in the front—like these by Lil DaVinci—so you can switch out artwork without having to take the frames off the wall.
  1. Create a gallery wall. Madre’s Louise Marsh says, “We love to frame children’s art in simple white frames, and often use a colored matte to complement the artwork. Hanging several pieces together gallery style makes for a cheerful grouping, as well as a proud little one!”
  1. Hang a wire or string across a wall, and use clothespins to display art that can be constantly rotated. Kids can even switch out the art themselves.
  1. Frame a piece of corkboard (with the frame’s glass removed) so you can easily tack and untack art.
  1. Scan or photograph the art, then print the images as glossy or matte prints for easier framing if the works feature macaroni or too much glitter. Head to a Dallas favorite, Tom Battles Custom Picture Framing, to get your print professionally matted and framed.


Repurpose It

  1. Bind artwork into a coffee table book for a sophisticated and memorable way to save artwork. Plum Print makes it easy—mail a box of your child’s art, and they will scan, print, and bind it into a glossy book.
  2. Laminate flat works of art and use them as placemats
  3. Make new artwork by cutting or ripping the original and weaving it into a new patter or creating a collage.
  4. The custom shop Crayon Creatures can turn artwork into 3D sandstone prints.
  5. and Child’s Own Studio can take a beloved drawing (no matter how intricate) and turn it into a cuddly stuffed animal.
Photo courtesy of Child's Own
Photo courtesy of Child’s Own Studio


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