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Splurge/Save/Steal: Juju Hat Wall Decor

When in doubt, add feathers.
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I first espied a Juju hat when I wrote about Regan and Zach Carlisle’s Park Cities home for our January/February issue (photo below). Above one of their daughter’s beds hung what looked like a coral-colored feather wreath of sorts. It was such a beautiful, whimsical touch that made the room look sophisticated yet not overly serious.

The same way that, when you hear a word for the first time, it starts popping up in every book you read and conversation you have, I started noticing these feathered beauties everywhere. I learned a little more about their origin, as well: Juju hats are ritual headdresses worn by tribal chiefs in the African country of Cameroon. Lately, they’ve risen in popularity among design enthusiasts for their vivid colors and texture, and they really do add personality and pop to any room. Here are three versions in a range of price points to suit any budget.

Splurge: $595 at Jonathan Adler

The Juju hats sold at Jonathan Adler are stunning — big (at 30″ in diameter) and rich in color, thanks to the natural dyes used to tint the feathers. I especially love that they are handmade by artisans in Cameroon.

Save: $315 at

Illinois-based web retailer brings a variety of wares made by African artisans to Stateside shoppers, and they offer 30″-33″ Juju hats in a range of colors. The dual-toned ones are especially beautiful.

Steal: $99 at Pottery Barn Kids

If you’re willing to forgo authenticity to save a buck, Pottery Barn Kids offers white feathered versions in 14″ and 23″ versions, as well as 14″ coral versions. Not the real thing, but cute nonetheless.

Photo by Pär Bengtsson
Photo by Pär Bengtsson