Costal Drift, Timothy Oulton's first line of linen furniture, available now.

New Lines Arrive at Timothy Oulton

4 new lines have landed in Dallas.

It was a little over a year ago when I first wandered into Timothy Oulton—I was an intern, and there to interview Danielle Monti-Morren and Raoul Morren about the recent design refresh the flagship showroom had undergone. It’s spring, which means the redesign has happened once again, and this time they’ve added four new lines into the mix: Jet, Costal Drift, Adventurer, and the Age of Elegance.

The Age of Elegance has arrived at Timothy Oulton.

These lines are spins on the classic Timothy Oulton shapes, using new mediums like linen fabric (Costal Drift) and aluminum (Adventurer). While many of the pieces have a story behind them, I especially liked the story behind the black-brown leather in the Jet line. While overseas, Tim encountered a friend who was carrying a beautiful leather carriage bag. It was love at first sight, and Tim offered to buy the bag from his friend, who refused. Eventually, Tim was able to “rent” the bag for six months, and spend that time replicating the perfectly-worn-in leather, which can now be found covering some of the chairs in the Jet collection.

Also, this chest from the Age of Elegance line, covered in matte brown leather (opposed to wood) is killer. Stop by their shop to check out the collections for yourself.