Wednesday, June 19, 2024 Jun 19, 2024
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Sales Call: A Pop-in at Nest’s Year-end Sale

Consider me your personal sales scout.

I planned to take pictures. Honest, I did. But despite my devil-may-care facade, I really do care about following rules, and the good people at Nest have produced signage forbidding the use of photography. So I abstained. But I will paint a picture with my words so that you can imagine the scene and then go see what’s on sale at Nest with your own eyes. There are several shelves filled with offerings like coffee table books (I’m kicking myself for not buying this Cindy Sherman book), clutches (originally $550!), handbags, pillows, entertaining wares, and food items—all at 30 percent off. So if your day calls for some ginger snaps, pretzels, a fancy clutch, and a golden fork, I urge you to head to Nest directly. There’s also a good number of (regularly priced) delicious candles that you could present to your hostesses tonight. Be safe, and be good. I’ll see you in 2014.