Reader Question of the Day: Do You Juice?

Mmmmm. Juice. Photo by Manny Rodriguez.

This Whole Foods satire piece by Kelly MacLean has been making the rounds today, and I have to admit it did make me laugh (especially the writer’s cleanse experience). We all know someone who has either tried a cleanse, completed a cleanse, or talked about doing one (that’s me – all talk and no action).

But after reading this month’s D Home, I’m not so sure it’s the way to go. Editor Laura Kostelny interviewed Susan Rodder, clinical assistant professor or nutrition at UT Southwestern Medical Center, about the claims often promised by juice cleanses. Do they really improve weight loss? Do they detox your organs? What about increased energy? See the guide to Dallas juice fasts here. And do tell us – do you juice? What are your personal experiences with cleanses?