COVID-19 Bulletin (08/11/20)

More than half of all the COVID-19 tests administered on Saturday resulted in a positive result.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 581 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, and one additional death. Though the numbers have been trending lower, they are still far higher than when Governor Abbott opened Texas back up, Jenkins noted.

Political leaders often call COVID-19 the “China Virus” of “Kung Flu,” but this Dallas Morning News opinion piece describes the importance of using the virus’ real name, “The taxonomy, or classification, of viruses is important because it provides clues about how viruses evolve and, sometimes, where to start the search for diagnostic tests, vaccines and treatments.”

Cases are declining in Dallas, but according to the Policy Lab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, social distancing is also down as well. The lab measures social distancing using cell phone data. KERA has more.

Last week saw the number of tests administered in Texas drop by 42 percent, while the percentage of those who are testing positive has risen above 20 percent statewide. More than half of the tests administered on Saturday came back with positive results. The Texas Tribune has more.


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