COVID-19 Bulletin (05/29/20)

Dallas County breaks 200 cases again; Governor Abbott urges patients to hospitals while populations are low.

The number of new cases in Dallas broke 200 again on Thursday, with 202 new cases and one death from COVID-19. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins it is too early to call anything a trend. Learn more with WFAA.

As in many other cities, COVID-19 highlighted disparities in the social determinants of health such as transportation, healthy food, education, and adequate housing. When these determinants are lacking, as they are in several black neighborhoods in Dallas, viruses like coronavirus can have an outsized impact. Learn more about this trend with The Dallas Morning News.

Multigenerational housing is more common amongst poor and minority populations, which often exposes vulnerable elderly populations to COVID-19 as the younger generations head to work each day. Texas Tribune has more.

Governor Abbott is urging Texas patients to get the care they need at hospitals this summer while patient loads are low and before another spike in cases might cause elective procedures to be canceled again, DMN reports.


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