COVID-19 Bulletin (05/26/30)

Dallas County reported no new deaths and 171 new cases on Memorial Day, continuing the lower trend.

Dallas County reported just 171 new COVID-19 cases and no new deaths on Memorial Day. This last week averaged thirty fewer cases than the week before in Dallas County, but posted 35 deaths, including one day with 14 deaths. Learn more from The Dallas Morning News.

Conflicts over wearing masks are increasing across the state of Texas, as wearing the protective equipment often signaling a political stance rather than a protective measure. Read on with the Texas Tribune.

Infections in Dallas County mirror the overall population demographically, but they also highlight health and income disparities that already existed, with certain ZIP codes in Dallas experiencing proportionally more infections, KERA reports.

Although children seem to be mostly spared from COVID-19, several North Texas children have developed a rare disease called multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which experts say is similar to Kawasaki’s disease, a condition with an unknown cause that inflames the blood vessels. Many children who have the disease have tested positive for COVID-19, DMN reports.


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