Local Infusion Software Company Expands in Pennsylvania

Dallas and Austin-based software start-up WeInfuse has expanded its client base to the Infusion Center of Pennsylvania, an independent, multi-specialty infusion center with two locations in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

WeInfuse manages the workflow of infusions centers, adding data analytics, medication inventory management, and space optimization for a number of centers that treat immune disorders all over the country. The software has been used at over 100 infusion centers and has supported 65,000 infusion treatments.

“We provide superior service to our patients, and expect the same from our vendors,” said ICPA’s COO, Phil Weber via release. “We think every infusion center in the country should be using WeInfuse.”

“We’re really excited to be working with Phil and his team at ICPA,” said Bryan Johnson, CEO of WeInfuse via release. “They provide a great service to infusion patients in Pennsylvania and we’re looking forward to helping them grow their infusion centers.”


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