Why Juice Beauty Chose Neiman Marcus for This Exclusive Launch

The retailer has majorly embraced the wellness world over the last year.

There’s a lot of massive beauty news on the horizon for Dallas. (Credo is coming. So is Aspen-based Cos Bar. Charlie & Co. will even have a blow dry bar in the near future.) There’s so much happening that it’s best to focus on one cool thing at a time, I think. So, for today’s cool thing of note, we’ll zero in on Juice Beauty’s collab with Neiman Marcus, which launches today.

Do you know about Juice Beauty? If you follow Gwyneth Paltrow on Instagram, the organic beauty brand’s name has likely lodged itself somewhere in your consciousness. GP joined the Karen Behnke’s company as creative director in 2015 after the two Californians connected over their passion for clean living. Also, it is no small feat to meet organic product regulations in the United States.

So now you know! You also now know that Juice Beauty has decided to launch their first Signal Peptides product exclusively with Neiman Marcus, which incorporated wellness into their stores in a big way last summer. “Neiman Marcus has impressed us with their authentic focus on wellness and organic beauty, and will become a destination for the conscious customer looking for alternatives that have the luxury feel and clinical results,” says Behnke. “Juice Beauty and Neiman Marcus are a perfect fit, and we are so excited to offer their customers an exclusive experience with our new patent-pending Signal Peptides Firming Serum.”

To sum up the products prowess, rice peptides, sunflower-derived plant lipids, and wild blueberry extract combine to hydrate and firm your skin. Maybe Gwyneth used it before this epic engagement announcement? That skin looked firm as hell!

Anyway, the first product in the Signal Peptide line will be available exclusively at Neiman Marcus from today’s launch until April 2018, when other Juice Beauty retails (including Credo and Bluemercury) are able to pick up the organic product. It could be a perfect addition to your natural beauty regimen.