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Dallas: The City That Hates Pedestrians, Pt. 39

And now, to Cedar Springs.
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There are hazards on Cedar Springs. But the construction will eventually result in a better experience for pedestrians.

The Strip on Cedar Springs is probably one of the city’s easiest urbanism wins. The sidewalks are wide. Pedestrians can use blinking yellow lights as they cross the street, and the cars mostly follow it. It’s packed on either side with bars and restaurants and various retail. And, sure, it could always be better. The crosswalks need new paint—and it’s coming—and we should at least have a conversation about weekend vehicular traffic along that section. And some of the sidewalks need an upgrade.

The city’s at least trying to do something about that, but, as you can see from the above, they’re going about it all wrong. A pedestrian-minded FrontBurnervian sent the following photo, showing what a pain it is to navigate this construction:


This is at Cedar Springs and Throckmorton. A dispatch from our correspondent:

The elderly couple here almost slipped when trying to walk through this. Other people (like elderly women seen here) just walk in the street trying to avoid the cars going from one side of Throckmorton to the other. The caution tape has long been removed as able-bodied people got tired of competing with cars and just walk through the construction as if it wasn’t there.
It’s a disaster. All this in one of the most pedestrian heavy areas in Oak Lawn. It’s even worse on weekend nights when cars descend on the area all night and us club goers flock from one end of the strip to the other… To make matters worse there’s the same type of construction a half a block down in front of the Round-Up and TMC.
Can this sort of construction not be planned in a better way? Can’t there be a more direct, safe alternative path provided adjacent to it?

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