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White Rock Lake Still Isn’t Getting Dredged

Damn shame.
By Tim Rogers |
Photo by Tim Rogers

This picture was taken yesterday morning at White Rock’s Sunset Bay, on the east side of the lake. This is the most shallow, most crappy part of the lake — literally. It’s basically a puddle of water sitting atop a bunch of bird shit. With some waders, you could probably walk across the entire bay. All that stuff you see there is limbs and debris, brought by the recent floods, sitting in, oh, 2 feet of water. It’s not healthy for the lake. As I’ve been saying for years, it’s way past time to dredge the lake. Paula Blackmon was elected in District 9, in part, on her promises to get this process moving.

Someone today on Twitter alerted me to an “open public opportunity,” aka a job for the city. The job was posted yesterday. It closes August 2. The project name: 2019 Dredging Project at Various Locations Contract. I’ll save you some time so you don’t have to read the 39-page RFQ, which lays out the scope of work. Yeah, White Rock Lake isn’t included. Nor is Bachman, which also needs dredging. Included on the job are Fox Hollow Lake, five ponds at Keeton Park, Twin Lakes, and detention basins at Acres/Grady, Bent Creek, Lonestar, and Fair Oaks.

Oh, well. Maybe next time.

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