The barge Phillips spent the last 27 days on. The Last Well

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Crazy Guy on Boat in Rockwall Reaches Fundraising Goal

The Last Well’s Todd Phillips is back on dry land.

When we checked in with Todd Phillips of The Last Well in mid-October, he was 10 days into a fundraising stunt in which he pledged to stay on a barge on Lake Ray Hubbard until he raised $2.29 million. He had about $750,000 then and had endured some awful weather to start. An update! Phillips says in a video this morning that the number has been met. He’s off the boat.

Nightly Facebook Live sessions from the barge took off over the last couple weeks, earning tens of thousands of views (32,000 and 27,000 over the last two nights, to be exact). The comments are full of people one-upping and challenging each other to throw more money in the pot.

The money from Phillips’ 27 days at sea will help bring clean water to the citizens of Liberia, an aim the nonprofit took on when it was founded a decade ago.