Vinty, the Absolute Worst Place in Deep Ellum, Is No More

The City Council denied the club's appeal for a special use permit today. Good riddance.

It faced some stiff competition, but Vinty, a godforsaken club on Elm Street, was the worst place in Deep Ellum. That reputation was forged by the club’s habit of making Facebook jokes about domestic violence and its atmosphere of chest-thumping chaos and violence, which spilled out into the street enough that the Dallas Police Department asked the City Plan Commission to deny the club’s request to have its special use permit renewed:

The Dallas Police Department believes renewing the establishment’s permit would not contribute, enhance, or promote the welfare of the area. Police responses to this location exceeds 20 for 2017; therefore, the police department believes the SUP renewal will be detrimental to the public health, safety, and wellbeing of Deep Ellum. Specifically, there have been numerous incidents of major disturbances, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication, all of which are strong indicators that the business owners of Vinty Club are not engaging in responsible management of their premises.

All polite police speak for “this place sucks, please banish it.” The City Plan Commission agreed, and so did the City Council, rejecting the club’s appeal this afternoon. Good riddance.

The question now is what will take its spot as the worst club and/or bar in Deep Ellum? Punk Society, which has a name and matching decor that make my eyes involuntarily roll so hard I think one of them is now stuck looking at the back of my head, is a contender. But my vote goes to the place where bottle-service orders are delivered by scantily clad women hoisted in pinebox derby litters carried by men in flashing neon facemasks. Real last days of Rome stuff there.