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Leading Off (5/23/18)

Runoff results come in, JCP CEO flees, and Paige Patterson's tumble from the top continues.

Runoff Results Are In. Your Democratic candidate for governor is Lupe Valdez, the first Latina to win a major-party gubernatorial nom in the state. Colin Allred beat out Lillian Salerno for the chance to face off against Pete Sessions. And good grief, Vic Cunningham, whose racism went viral last week, lost the Republican runoff for Dallas County commissioner by just a hair. Click here to see them all.

JCPenney Stock Drops 8 Percent After CEO Announces Departure. JCP CEO Marvin Ellison is jumping ship for Lowe’s, perhaps a safety boat in the age of Amazon.

The Paige Patterson Story Is Only Getting Worse. A couple weeks ago, thousands of Baptist women signed an open letter calling for a stand against Patterson’s “unbiblical teaching,” after a recording surfaced of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president saying he told domestic abuse victims to pray for their husband rather than leave. Now, a former seminary student has come forward with a similar story: the Washington Post reports the woman was advised to pray for rather than report her rapist to the police.

Ohio Bridal Shop Not Giving Up Case Against Texas Health Resources. An Ohio bridal shop claims it went out of business and had to sell its assets at a discount after Amber Vinson, one of the Presby nurses infected with Ebola, visited and tried on wedding dresses in 2014. Before it shuttered, the shop grossed about $450,000 a year. The former owners are seeking $1 million in damages. After an appellate court dismissed the case yesterday, the shop’s Dallas attorney says he will be taking it to the Texas Supreme Court.

Don’t Mess with TxDOT, Apparently. You know that new “Don’t Mess with Tex Mex” mural on the side of the downtown El Fenix? Turns out, TxDOT denied the restaurant’s request to license its anti-littering slogan back in August and just now noticed the recently painted façade.