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Dallas Police Officer Dies, Second in Critical Condition Day After Shooting

Rogelio Santander, 27, died a day after being shot at a Home Depot in northeast Dallas.

Rogelio Santander, 27, one of two Dallas police officers shot Tuesday, died Wednesday morning, Mayor Mike Rawlings said. The other wounded officer, 26-year-old Crystal Almeida, remains in critical condition at Texas Health Presbyterian, Rawlings said.

This photo of Rogelio Santander circulated on social media.

The Dallas Morning News reported that a third person shot, a Home Depot loss prevention officer named Scott Painter, also remained in critical condition. Santander and Almeida, both three year veterans of the department, were shot Tuesday afternoon responding to a call at a Home Depot in Lake Highlands.

Rawlings said that Santander died shortly after 8 a.m. The mayor stopped this morning’s City Council meeting to share the news, and to hold a moment of silence. The flags outside City Hall were being lowered to half-staff.

Police Chief Reneé Hall, speaking to reporters outside Texas Health Presbyterian, said that Almeida and Painter are making “remarkable recoveries.”

“They are still in critical conditions, but we are optimistic about what we are seeing with them right now,” she said.

Hall asked for prayers for the slain officer.

“We ask that you continue to pray for his family and the DPD family,” Hall said. “This is going to be a trying time for us.”

Armando Luis Juarez, 29, was arrested Tuesday night after a manhunt and charged in the shooting. He’s being held at the Dallas County Jail with bail set at $1.1 million.


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  • From Dallas County Jail lookup:
    Address DALLAS, TX
    Citizenship NONE

    Another Fake American.

    • Happy Bennett

      Thanks for doing the job that the American press won’t do. (irony intended).

      In spite of being a criminal alien with an incredibly long rap sheet his granny maintains that Juarez is a “good Christian boy”…

  • SuperTroll

    Build the wall – or at least put troops on the border with live ammo and orders to shoot any invaders.