Leading Off

Leading Off (3/22/18)

More statue debate, potential bike-share regulations, and more.

City Council Debating Confederate Statue Removals. At yesterday’s meeting, Cultural Affairs staff said they disagreed with keeping the statues in Pioneer Park Cemetery. The Council seems divided on whether to remove these and other remaining Confederate statues. Mayor Rawlings wants to find a way to keep the Confederate War Memorial intact, but use it as a teaching tool.

Bike-Share Regulations May Be Coming to Dallas. City staff members are drafting an ordinance that they will present to the City Council’s mobility committee soon. The ordinance will discuss requirements for parking and franchise fees, among other stipulations. New rules could be in place by May, and the piles of bikes around the city could disappear.

Homelessness in Dallas and Collin Counties Up 9 Percent from Last Year. This is from data released yesterday from the annual homeless census. The count was 4,140, as opposed to last year’s 3,789. And there were more homeless people not in shelters than last year.

Nine People Escape Lake Highlands House Fire. The fire began yesterday afternoon on Larchwood Drive. People across the street helped seven children, their mother, and their grandmother escape to safety. The fire was controlled, but significant damage to the home occurred.