Local News

Leading Off (11/13/17)

Cowboys lose. Aw, they hate losing.

Cowboys Lose to Falcons. The Cowboys were hurting without the suspended Zeke Elliot, BUT they were especially in trouble without tackle Tyron Smith. Their offensive line performance could best be described by Kevin Garnett trash talking almost literally anyone. Or, as the saying goes, “Thank You       Very difficult.” The Falcons took it fairly easily in the second half, ending the Cowboys’ three-game winning streak.

Also, Zeke Elliott is Spending His Suspension Out of the Country. Sure, man.

UNT Partygoers Collapse Floor. They were jumping up and down and then the floor fell away, but everyone is OK apparently. These things happen.

Dallas Prosecutor Accuses Uber Driver of Abducting Her. Based on the recording, you could also say that she got a little carried away. She was not herself, maybe.