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Dwaine Caraway Is ‘Pissed’ at Philip Kingston, Threatens to Derail His Mayoral Run

The City Council briefing was spicy today!

Back in May, when Philip Kingston won reelection and Dwaine Caraway returned to the Council, the two appeared on Inside Texas Politics. It was a love fest. If the segment had gone just three minutes longer, I think Kingston would have sat in Caraway’s lap.

Something has happened since then. The first sign of trouble that I saw was on August 9, when Kingston suggested on Facebook that Caraway was the mayor’s puppet. He wrote: “Video of the LGC debate is up! Check out Dwaine Caraway looking to the mayor every time he has to decide whether to amend his motion. Do you think his butt hurts from having a hand up it?” Kingston quickly took down the post, but here’s a screen grab. I talked to Kingston at the time, and he swore it was no big deal. He and Caraway were just fine.

But now comes today, and I do not believe the two councilmen are fine. At today’s briefing, Kingston made a motion to take $65,000 away from the Youth Commission, something Caraway is passionate about. So passionate that he slammed his fist on his desk, said repeatedly that he was “pissed” (as the mayor tried to calm him), and then swore to take every District 14 item off future consent agendas so that he could debate the items and keep money from flowing into Kingston’s district. It was really quite something.

Here’s the video. It starts with Kingston’s motion and then Caraway erupts:


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  • Marcie Batten

    Isn’t Dallas lucky? After being treated to the awesome spectacle of dictatorial monument removal, Dallas now has the choice of Mohtra (Carraway) versus Godzilla (Kingston) as potential rivals for the next mayoral election.

    • PeterTx52


  • MattL1

    Wait, this was over how much to increase the Youth Commission budget? What was the budget last year, and what would they have spent the extra $75,000 on? What DOES the Youth Commission spend money on to begin with (besides “trips,” which I hope means hallucinogens and not travel)? And why did Caraway make this a northern v southern thing, considering the Youth Commission comes from all 15 districts?

    Until I know these things, I’ll withhold judgment on who was right.

  • JamieT

    Seems like there was plenty of room for Kingston’s hand up there as well. After all, Kingston got the widely circulated insinuation that anyone who didn’t share the healing love of removing the Lee statue was a white supremacist hater to come out of Caraway’s mouth rather than his own. Hard to say just how much of the black community now regards Caraway as the obliging Lester to Kingston’s Willie Tyler.

    • JamieT

      BTW, what’s the geographic origin of Kingston’s snoid accent? I’m usually pretty good, but I can’t quite place it. Seth MacFarlane’s amygdala, maybe?

  • Sam_Merten

    There are lots of goodies in this clip. My faves:

    “You wonder why K2 is out there.”

    “But, because of evilness in this city that has yet to surface, but it has surfaced today.”

    “If y’all want to play tits to tat, then I can play it too. I know how to play cards. I KNOW HOW TO PLAY CARDS!”

    “I want you to go to sleep with your brains and your heart tonight.”

    • Thanks for calling those out. Those were my favorites, too. Let there be no question. Caraway was spitting mad. That was not an act.

  • Happy Bennett

    and…if the city had not blown away $450,000 ( and likely more undisclosed funds) on “emergency” removal of a concrete and metal statue residing in a local park for 81 years without incident, apparently–in retrospect– for no other reason than political grandstanding, the ‘children” and “seniors” would not have been short changed.

  • topham

    Kingston’s smoking K2 if he thinks he can win a citywide election. And I voted for him twice in D14. But the mayor has a different job–a job at which PK would be a disaster.

    • Happy Bennett

      K2: Siren of the Himalayas.

  • Greg Brown

    It was so much easier back in the day when you just simply did the bidding of the money men and never had your values questioned