We can see into the future. Here's Dak in early 2018. (Illustration by C.J. Burton)

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The Cowboys Will Win the Super Bowl This Season

And if they don't, we'll just delete this post.

As far as I know, this is the first time D Magazine has done a Dallas Cowboys preview issue. At least the first time since I’ve been here, which is essentially where the history of the magazine begins. So, never before. Why now? Probably because Zeke Elliott and Dak Prescott got us excited about the Cowboys again. Or we have a deep-seated need to jinx a professional sports franchise. Or we just thought people would buy it — we are in the magazine business, after all. Maybe all three. I don’t know. It was Tim Rogers’ idea, if this all goes sideways.

Our preview has 18 reasons why the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl this year, from actual sports reasons (Zeke is already the best running back in the NFL, Dak has the gift of anticipation) to the idea that a NFL title is the only thing keeping Jerry Jones from using AT&T Stadium to wipe out humanity. We like to have fun here.

As for the cover, the mocked-up shot above this post of Dak celebrating in a downtown victory parade, that’s on me. Everyone who works with me (or knows me very well) has heard me talk about “steering into the skid.” Basically, turn your problem into the solution. That didn’t fully apply here, but that was part of it. And my other philosophy, stolen from the movie Singles, definitely did, “If you’re going to have the operation, have the operation.” In other words: if you’re going to put the Cowboys on the cover, don’t go halfway. Put a victory parade and the Lombardi Trophy and everything else on there.

Again, if this season runs into a ditch and we look like idiots by Thanksgiving, this was all Tim Rogers’ idea. Until then, enjoy the feature. The preseason starts tonight in Canton, Ohio, against the Arizona Cardinals.