Power Ranking the Questions in Mike Wilson’s Reddit AMA

The editor of the Dallas Morning News gamely answered some questions. Mostly.

Yesterday, as Holland mentioned in Leading Off, Mike Wilson, the editor of the Dallas Morning News, subjected himself to an “ask me anything” session on Reddit. If you’re familiar with the platform, then you know that users vote up the best questions. In theory, then, the questions should get worse as you scroll down. In theory. In practice, it turns out that I am the best judge of questions. Here were my six favorites:

6. Couldn’t you have come up with a better name for your dog than Story? (from ThrowItInThe214)

5. Who is your favorite employee and why is it Rudy Bush? (MoeWanchuk)

4. What the hell’ll happen to the Stone of Truth? That whole building? Aren’t you nerds shrugging that thing off for some cheap space? (ass_calliope)

3. How do you and the paper navigate the issue of false balance, both in the news department and on the editorial page? (For example, does the DMN really need to give safe harbor to a buffoon like Mark Davis so that it can claim a conservative viewpoint?) There are two sides to every story, sure, but when one side is relying on conspiracy theories and fake news to bolster its case, it seems disingenuous to give both sides equal weight. (afhsdhfkjsdhakfjhwir)

2. Competing against all other Dallas area journalist/media personalities (TV, radio, or print), which Dallas area journalist/media personality would win in a:
• footrace?
• hotdog-eating contest?
• Dallas-centric game of Charades?

1. Is Story the worst name ever given to a dog, or is it ABSOLUTELY the most terrible name ever given to a dog in the history of dogs? (Cictercimon)


  • Kathy Wise

    Zac would totally win charades.

    • Hotdog eating contest has to be Daniel Vaughn, right?

      • @zaccrain

        I don’t know if Tim would win the footrace, but he would definitely sign up to compete.

    • Poetaster Dallas

      Ms. Wise. As an unofficial cricket, I implore you to resist the temptation to wager with these two.

      It’s August, in Dallas, and a tough time of year
      To be entertained when the temperatures sear
      Our brains to a point where we are amused
      At a man in a tux (to which he’s now fused).

      An endeavor that began as a casual challenge,
      With ads creating the first human allonge
      For Patron Cafe and Al’s Tux. And didn’t we see
      Tim on the morning news, on the TV?

      So now it’s almost over, the payout is near.
      But wait, an extension? Is that what I hear?
      Please Timmy, don’t do it, for you I insist
      A better negotiator – a contract specialist!

      For one thing, I fear there’s money on the table,
      Like a Patron Drink Book. I think you’re able
      To write a few recipes down, then into a tome
      (Royalties might pay for an air conditioned home).

      An agent that’s ruthless will ensure that you get
      Cash for your efforts, for each little vignette
      Of mowing, or fixing, or shooting about Big D
      While clad in a tux and sweating profusely.

      Think carefully before agreeing to anything Zac asks,
      And certainly don’t sign after sharing any flasks.
      Think first that the next one to climb under the floor,
      Could be Zac himself – you could even the score.

      And one more thing your new deal must include
      (Because you’re really (really) much more of a dude
      That looks good in red, or blue, or even green)
      Purple’s not your color, someone must intervene.

      • Kathy Wise

        Poetaster, it’s the summer of the romper.

        • Poetaster Dallas

          The roblet runs deep with those two. But directed the right way, it can provide a summer of online entertainment.