Leading Off

Leading Off (4/20/17)

Dallas officials oppose Bathroom Bill, police chief blames 911 problems on DPD, and more.

Dallas Officials Oppose House Bathroom Bill. House Bill 2899, which would get rid of city ordinances and school district rules allowing transgender people to use bathrooms matching their gender identity, was being debated last night and early this morning. “The residents and businesses of Dallas believe discrimination in all forms have no home in our community. Please do not perpetuate this discrimination,” City Councilman Lee Kleinman said during his testimony against the bill.

Dallas Police Chief Blames 911 Personnel Issues on His Department. During the city council meeting, David Pughes said under-staffing in the 911 call center is due to DPD not being aggressive enough with recruiting and hiring. There have already been staffing changes and upgrades made, but Pughes said improvements would continue being made.

John Wiley Price Jurors Have Questions for the Judge. They ended their first day of deliberations yesterday by handing over questions to U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn. She met with both sets of lawyers and gave answers back to the jurors later in the day. They’ll continue deliberating this morning.

Dallas Wants to Get LGBT Homeless Youth Off Streets by 2020. At yesterday’s city council meeting, Adam Medrano said the goal is to greatly reduce homelessness with LGBT youth in three years. “Homelessness is a serious issue in our city and a top priority for me. I’m particularly concerned about youth in our city who are experiencing homelessness due in part to their sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression,” Mayor Rawlings said.

Plano Daycare Worker Calls Her Actions Unacceptable. Jazmine Lexus Torres, 22, who was shown on video throwing down a toddler for a nap at the Children’s Courtyard in Plano, is pregnant. She told police that if someone did that to her own child, she would want the person fired and prosecuted. She also partly blamed her actions on her being tired and the room being hot.