Sanders at a 2015 campaign event. Photo by Phil Roeder via Flickr.

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Grand Prairie Will Feel the Bern This Week

Sen. Bernie Sanders will be in town to make the progressive case against the president and (presumably) foment socialist revolution in North Texas.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will return Thursday to Grand Prairie’s Verizon Theatre, where the former Democratic presidential candidate will rally supporters and talk progressive politics in Trump’s America.

Sanders will be joined by Keith Ellison, deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, for the DNC’s “Come Together and Fight Back Tour,” which is visiting red and purple states while stirring up opposition to the president’s agenda.

Hillary Clinton won the Texas Democratic primary with 65 percent of the vote, and Trump won the state with 52 percent, but Sanders remains a popular figure here with progressives, many who maintain that “Bernie would’ve won” over two of the most unpopular presidential candidates in U.S. history. At a February 2016 campaign rally at Verizon Theatre, Sanders turned out more than 7,000 people, a good deal of them young and previously uninspired by politics.

Democrats, recently licked and all out of sorts at both a national and local level, would do well to explore why a 75-year-old senator from Vermont has caught on with so many young voters. A good place to start may be with Sanders’ positions, which in 2016 were occasionally criticized by conservatives and centrists for pulling the Democratic Party “dangerously far left.”

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: 

Among the issues Democratic leaders are expected to address: raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, equal pay for women, making public college tuition free, comprehensive immigration and tax reform, rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and criminal justice reform.

Not mentioned in those talking points: the abolition of all private property and the complete overthrow of the bourgeoisie. Maybe at the next rally.

Doors at Verizon Theatre open Thursday at 10:30 a.m. The show gets underway at noon. Tickets aren’t required, but attendees are encouraged to RSVP here.


  • DubiousBrother

    Hopefully they can get free tampon dispensers installed in the mens rooms at Verizon Theater before the rally to accommodate the progressives.

    • Mavdog

      please remember, post comments BEFORE you start drinking, not AFTER you have been drinking. That way you can avoid the awkwardness resulting from posts such as the above.

      • DubiousBrother

        No need to drink, just have to read, progressives provide all that’s needed:

        • Mavdog

          let’s take a look into your logic: because some colleges put dispensers into their men’s bathrooms, that means that Sanders and AEG/Verizon Theater are in some way connected.
          yes, seems likely a result of a swig of something, or you’re just naturally that way.

          • DubiousBrother

            Dog – I’m with you, there is no logic to this progressive nonsense but a leader of the progressives is Bernie and he has to please his followers.

          • Mavdog

            It is your “nonsense” that lacks any logic.
            You linked to an article regarding academic institutions, not Sanders nor “his followers”.

          • DubiousBrother

            Dog, are you kidding? Bernie’s following is made up of the progressive college geniuses. Bernie preaches free college, free healthcare, free love, free drugs and now free tampons. Here is a link to how progressive economics work as the progressive disease spreads across America.

          • Mavdog

            First, the fact is you have associated Bernie Sanders with something that he has zero involvement in, that is not part of the political world but is something happening in academia. That clearly goes right over your head.

            Second, the demographic profile of the Sanders supporter is (to put it simple) young and with average and lower income. The older and the higher income the voter, the greater support for Clinton. Educational attainment was not the determiner for being a Sander supporter, as blue collar workers voiced higher support for Sanders than Clinton.