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Why I’m Not Shaving My Legs for The Charity Event of the Year

I don’t have to. North Texas Giving Day is philanthropy for the everywoman.
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Tim Rogers loves North Texas Giving Day for the addictive real-time giving ticker, leaderboards, and the thrill of crushing another fundraising record. Me, I like it because, I don’t have to scramble to find a dress I haven’t ‘grammed before, strong-arm my husband into a suit, or find a sitter. And, yeah, my fuzzy legs are staying this way.

That’s because North Texas Giving Day isn’t a stuffy evening soiree, it’s an all-day event and most of the action takes place online. I can donate to any one (or more) of the 2,500 participating nonprofits at my computer or on my phone via, and my donation will be amplified by bonus funds. It’s quick and dirty philanthropy.

Of course, there are some parties involved; smaller, casual events happening all over the city, such as a dog-friendly happy hour at the Katy Trail Ice House this evening. There’s also entertainment throughout the day at donation stations in NorthPark Center, the Denton Square, downtown McKinney, Sundance Square, and Levitt Pavilion in Arlington.

I’m planning to head over to the Arlington festivities tonight to see Luke Wade perform. For those who don’t know him: He killed it on season 7 of The Voice, serenaded me with a song about muumuus the other day, and he happens to be a vocal magician able to turn Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl” into a sexy number without resorting to Ray Lamontagne-style whisper singing. 

I’m taking my kid and wearing jeans.

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