Podcast: LeeAnne Locken of Real Housewives of Dallas on Her Carny Past and the Show’s Future

The reality TV star opens up about the behind-the-scenes drama.

Zac Crain LeeAnne Locken Tim Rogers
Zac, LeeAnne, and Tim — bless their hearts.

Despite all that Tim has written in each of of his episode recaps of the first three installments of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dallas, series star LeeAnne Locken was game to appear at the Old Monk on Thursday afternoon to chat about the show — and game enough for another cringe-inducing (for me anyway) game of iPhone roulette.

Before you listen to what turned out to be the second-longest episode in the illustrious history of EarBurner, please note:

1. A $1,500 bond has been set in Johnny Manziel’s assault case, but the former Texas A&M and Cleveland Browns quarterback has not yet been booked into custody. His lawyer has said Manziel will turn himself next week, before a May 5 hearing.

2. Zac Photoshopped this image of Ron Kirk in a Cosby sweater for a post about other Dallas things that could be renamed for the former mayor:

The Cosby Show

3. This is the movie that Zac and Kirk may have seen together at Highland Park Village:

4. Tim and LeeAnne appeared together on the cover of The Met in 1996:


This image was taken at the same photo shoot:

Met Photo Shoot Tim Rogers LeeAnne Locken

5. LeeAnne appeared in the 2006 film Rain, which starred Faye Dunaway. (Jump to the 2-minute mark on LeeAnne’s demo reel to see a bit of it):

6. You can buy LeeAnne’s “Bless Your Heart” T-shirt on her website for $22:

LeeAnne Locken Bless Your Heart shirt

7. LeeAnne made up with the city of Plano with a visit to the city’s mayor last week.

8. LeeAnne’s “It’s a little Plano in here” phrase was co-opted for a pro-Plano T-shirt.

9. WWE manager Jimmy Hart is known as “The Mouth of the South.”

10. Tina Craig is better known as “the Bag Snob.”

11. Zac profiled former Dallas Cowboys great Tony Dorsett in the February 2014 issue of D Magazine.

12. LeeAnne’s boyfriend, Rich, who himself appeared on a reality TV show — Dallas SWAT — told us a hilarious story after we turned the recording equipment off, in the process breaking out his impressions of Bill Clinton and Vinnie Barbarino on Welcome Back, Kotter. Pretty sure he needs to be a guest in his own right on a future installment of EarBurner.

Now listen to the show via the player below, or subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcatcher. (Apologies in advance from a technical error that caused some echoing in the audio.)



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