North Texas Giving Day Starts Strong


Hi, my name is Tim, and I’m an addict. Every year at this time, on North Texas Giving Day, I compulsively check and recheck the leaderboard to see how my favorite local nonprofits are performing. Let’s just click on over and — hey! What’s up, Cistercian Prep? My tiny little alma mater sits in second place, in terms of total money raised. Go, Hawks! We’re coming for you, Alcuin School.

Here’s where things stand as of 10 o’clock: as a city, we’re on pace to hit the collective $26 million goal. We’re 5 percent over last year’s total at this time of day. Most impressive is the fact that we’ve already eclipsed last year’s total number of nonprofits that received donations. Last year, 1,580 organizations received donations; as of 10 o’clock, 1,691 had already gotten some love. Keep it up, folks. There are giving days all over the country, but ours in North Texas out-raises them all. (Disclosure: my wife does PR for this event. That means she’ll be working way past midnight today. Which also means that my kids probably won’t eat the most balanced meal for dinner, and they’ll eat it in front of the TV, because Daddy will be watching the Rangers.)