Podcast: Basketball Legend Nancy Lieberman on Her New Gig With the Sacramento Kings

Plus she talks about her role as a proud mom of a collegiate player.

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Widely regarded as the greatest female basketball player ever, Nancy Lieberman stopped by the Old Monk to talk with Tim and Zac about her long and varied career on the court, including her time as a coach, as a broadcaster, and as a mom. Lieberman’s about to start her new job as an assistant coach for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

Notes to inform your listening experience:

1. Produced in Dallas, Perfect Profile was released on video in 1991. A sample from one of two IMDB reviews posted:

The only thing more amazing than that someone made this movie is that someone, somewhere, for some incomprehensible reason, decided there should be a DVD version. Who did they think would want to see this? I would be interested in knowing if anyone other than the original cast members and the director, and maybe the mothers of same, ever bought a copy of the DVD.

2. This is why Mark Cuban and Tim Rogers have never had the warmest relationship.

3. T.J. Cline plays for the Spiders of the University of Richmond:

4. Former Dallas Mavericks player Brian Cardinal’s nickname was “The Custodian”:

5. In a 2011 New Yorker profile about Lieberman’s time as head coach of the Texas Legends, Ben McGrath wrote:

Another time, at a morning coaches’ meeting, I watched Lieberman phone in a sandwich order for an upcoming bus trip. “I like that I’m part coach, part mom,” she said. “No job is too small. If our guys are sick, I’ll go get ’em some soup and bring it to them.”

6. If you say someone “biffed,” you mean that he fell on his ass, “like a clumsy fool.”

7. Booker Woodfox plays for the Texas Legends:

8. Can we all agree that aside from teams that use the same mascot as their NBA affiliates, the Texas Legends have the most boring name in the D-League? Hard to beat the “Fort Wayne Mad Ants.”

D League Teams

9. In the midst of a game-clinching drive during Super Bowl XXIII, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana turned to his teammate and said “There, in the stands, standing near the exit ramp… Isn’t that John Candy?

10. Angel perfume is by Thierry Mugler, a French designer. The Dallas-produced fragrance Tim is thinking of is called “Child.”

11. An illustration of Zac’s highway-driving abilities:

12. Lieberman’s brief comeback, at age 50, with the Detroit Shock:

13. Follow Lieberman’s stream of inspirational quotes on Twitter, @NancyLieberman.

14. Find out more about the work of Nancy Lieberman Charities, here.

Now, on to the show, which you can access via iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcatacher. Please pay careful attention to the moment at which Tim forgets to thank me:



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