Election Excitement Peaks With Philip Kingston’s Return to D Magazine’s Podcast

More lively talk about city politics and break dancing.

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The EarBurner audience has spoken: They just can’t get enough of city politics. That’s why we invited City Councilman Philip Kingston back on the show ahead of tomorrow’s municipal election. It’s pretty clear by the end of the episode that he’s angling to push Zac out to claim the co-hosting gig for himself.

A few notes to help you better comprehend the recorded nonsense:

1) The Dallas Morning News editorial board editors and writers are Keven Ann Willey, Nicole Stockdale, Mike Drago, Rudolph Bush, Mike Hashimoto, Sharon Grigsby, Rodger Jones, Jim Mitchell, and Tod Robberson.

2) Here’s some of citizen journalist Allen Gwinn’s look at questionable Dallas ISD credit card spending in 2005. More than a year later the Morning News reported on much of the same information in an “exclusive” story.

3) Tranche is a French word defined as “slice; a cutting; the division into portions.” Though its meaning is not necessarily limited to financial discussions, by English speakers it appears to most commonly be used in that sense. When it was Bryan A. Garner’s word of the day in June 2013, both his definitions involved money matters. William Safire in 2009 cited it as the “hot word” in the debate over the federal budget stimulus.

4) This is a “cigarette boat”:

Photo: Flickr/steviep187
Photo: Flickr/steviep187

This is a racing canoe:

Photo: Flickr/Rand Snyder
Photo: Flickr/Rand Snyder

5) RIT is the Rochester Institute of Technology

6) City Councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She boasts a bachelor’s degree in history and English from UT-Austin, a Master of Library Science degree from Atlanta University, a master’s in history from Rice, a J.D. from UT Law School, Master of Divinity degree from SMU, and an honorary doctorate from Paul Quinn College.

7) This is Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, “Kubla Khan, or a Vision in a Dream.”

8) Will Logg, the man who killed musician Carter Albrecht in 2007 — when news reports identified him as Bill Logg — is indeed on the ballot in the Dallas City Council District 9 race.

9) Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo was released in 1984.

Hold up. We need another hit of that:

10) The vasa deferentia are the body parts cut to perform a vasectomy.


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