State Rep. Jason Villalba (Photo by Billy Surface)

State Rep. Jason Villalba Calls For Investigation of Craig Watkins

State Rep. Jason Villalba (whom I’ve written about) has called for the Texas State Auditor’s Office to conduct an audit of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office following the allegations that DA Craig Watkins (whom I’ve also written about) used more than $60,000 of county asset forfeiture money after rear-ending a car after a speaking engagement, while staring at his phone.

“It’s our responsibility to earn and maintain the public trust, that’s why this case demands an immediate review and audit,” Villalba said in a press release. “Public funds should never be used to cover up reckless driving or to pay personal settlements on behalf of public officials. If Mr. Watkins has violated the law, he should be held responsible.”

Prediction: it doesn’t get better for Watkins for a bit.


  • my2cents

    Yes, but his conviction rate is incredibly high (oh wait, that is because he gives minimum jail time to criminals instead of actually prosecuting).

  • Dr.G.

    Odds are, Villalaba and Susan Hawk have the same campaign people. That’s why this is happening.