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Roll Call

Roll Call: Education Stories of Note 6.6.14

DAC picks four teachers for home rule commission

1. Mike Miles is shuffling his staff in the wake of a high-profile departure. I encourage you to read the comments on Haag’s blog post. They’re just insane. These are insane people. They see skullduggery everywhere. All shadows are hints of evildoing. And something as simple as a staff shuffle is treated as more evidence of what they already believe and will never stop believing. Please, Learning Curve readers: Never be that way. It’s a sad way to go through life.

2. DISD has the SOPS petitions online for your obsessive-compulsive viewing pleasure. I encourage you to read the first comment on this blog post. It’s a long conspiracy theory about how all this is bunk, people were misled (I’m sure some of the 48k were, because user-error), and how BB is undergoing a scientific analysis to prove this. Two points: If you begin an experiment to find a pre-determined outcome, it will show that outcome, and it doesn’t matter, no one made them sign, people are fed up with DISD being a pipeline to prison for young black males, realize this and move on.

3. A DISD source tells me the District Advisory Council (DAC), the group charged with selecting four teachers to serve on the 15-member home rule committee, has made its selections and sent a memo to board members announcing this. Look for details from your daily ed reporters at the DMN/KERA/Channel 11/etc., while I go into my pain cave to work on my Friday Longform piece.