Leading Off (5/14/14)

Rick Perry (twice!), political spending, and the Rangers can't afford to send one of their pitchers from Houston to Dallas.

Wyly Brothers’ Convictions Could Be Trouble For Texas Politicians: U.S. Rep. and resident dog whistle Louie Gohmert has already pledged to donate the $7,000 campaign contribution from the brothers to charity, should the convictions hold. Dallas Rep. Jeb Hensarling pocketed $69,000 from the brothers, while Gov. Rick Perry took in a cool $300,000. Neither has said what they plan to do with the donations.

DISD Places Basketball Coaches on Leave Following Murder: This whole story is incredibly sad, and I imagine we haven’t even scratched the surface of the sadness.

Rangers’ Pitching Woes Continue: I bring this story up for one reason, and it’s this section: “[Matt Harrison] will drive back to Dallas on Wednesday — or, rather, his wife will drive them both back, with Harrison likely spreading out on the back seat — and he will be seen by spine specialist Dr. Drew Dossett.” The Rangers can’t spring for someone to drive Harrison back to Dallas? This isn’t a pick-up game at the Kidd Springs Rec Center; it’s a professional sports franchise, and not a particularly unprofitable one. Don’t make the dude’s wife drive him back to Dallas.

Perry Helps GM Celebrate 60 Years in Arlington:  He drove an Escalade off the line, patted a few backs, and was on his way. Presumably to help find a way to bring the Tesla Gigafactory to the state.