Leading Off (4/2/14)

Rawlings Apologizes for Home Rule Rollout; Plano ISD Manager Steals Millions; Oak Cliff Gets a Dog Park

Mayor Rawlings Apologizes for Handling of Home Rule. Mayor Mike Rawlings has stated the obvious: the rollout for the home-rule initiative in DISD was poorly executed. He asked people to create groups to offer ideas on how a home-rule district could operate saying the “blank page” idea was not a good one.

Plano ISD Employee Steals Millions. Last fall, someone noticed a suspicious invoice that former Plano ISD employee Kris Wilson Gentz submitted. The invoice was bogus, and it wasn’t the first one. Since 2004, Gentz had been creating invoices for work that was never done and equipment that was never purchased. He stole between $2.5 and $7 million. Though police are trying to recover the money, it looks like Gentz gambled most of it away.

 Oak Cliff Gets Permanent Dog Park. This news happened on Monday, but it’s about dogs, so I’m posting it today. ElmWoof has been popping up monthly in Elmwood, giving pet owners a place to let their dogs run free. With a $9,000 grant from Rawlings’ GrowSouth program, the park will now become permanent.