Barrett Brown Is Indicted — Again

Let the guy out already.

Just yesterday we posted the latest installment of the “Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail.” Then today comes news that Barrett has been indicted again. Or re-indicted. Or, actually, supersedingly indicted. Here is the new indictment, with its two counts.

I typed back and forth today with Kevin Gallagher, the director of Barrett’s legal defense fund (because Barrett’s lawyer is under a gag order and can’t talk about the case with media). Gallagher guesses that this new indictment is good news. “The new documents suggest that this was negotiated by both parties and that there is a plea agreement imminent,” he said. “If so, it could mean Barrett could get out soon with time served.”

The new indictment includes an obstruction of justice charge and another that he was an accessory on a Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Gallagher guessed — just guessed — that a plea might be for something like 30 months. With Barrett’s 19 months already behind bars, that would give him almost another year.

I suppose that’s one definition of “soon.”


  • suebasko

    These are 2 totally new charges. If Kevin says this is a good sign, I hope he is right. But Barrett now has 9 charges, not 7. But I hope Kevin is right.

  • JSSS

    No, I am pretty sure that “superseding” means that it takes the place of the old one. In fact, intrepid news-gatherer Tim Rogers first reported this was coming a month ago.

  • Tim Rogers

    JSSS, you are correct. Barrett faces two charges now, now 9.

  • Brett Moore

    Not to shill for you too hard, but I failed to read your original Barrett Brown story. Any chance of a link, since I am too lazy to use the googles?