Plastic Landscape Project Seeking New Home

Celebrate (or don't) Dallas' partial ban on plastic bags by perusing the Plastic Landscape project.


Plastic Landscape No. 12. Photo by Elizabeth Lavin.
Plastic Landscape No. 12. Photo by Elizabeth Lavin.

In response to a comment made at a Dallas City Council meeting that went something like, “I don’t see any problem with plastic bags,” Michael Thomas of 1814 MAGAZINE launched the Plastic Landscape project. Twelve photographers were invited to participate by illustrating the impact of plastic shopping bags on the environment. With assignment in hand, our very own Elizabeth Lavin along with Jocelyn Meinster came up with photo No. 12. Prior to the 8-6 City Council vote today, in which a partial ban on plastic bags was passed, the photos were displayed briefly in City Hall. Now, Thomas is looking for a new home for the project. “This is a great way for people to actually see the problem and be able to share it with other people,” he says. “It’s an easy, simple way to be able to educate people, whether the ban had passed today or not.”


  • billholston

    Cool! The great Dylan Hollingsworth’s photo is a perfect illustration of the impact of styrofoam and plastic bottles on our water ways. All it took for me was doing a clean up of White Rock Lake to swear off both.

  • Tim Rogers

    Props, too, to Steve Visneau, who has taken photographs for D Mag and who I might share a tent with this weekend in Dinosaur Valley.

  • vseslav botkin

    Good god, what’s going on with those bands of blue in the sky? One too many adjustment layers?

  • RAB

    “with whom I might share a tent”?