Leading Off (3/20/14)

Fewer traffic violators are being punished in Dallas, while Frisco cracks down on its medians.

New Computer System Leads to Fewer Warrants For Traffic Violators. According to Channel 8’s Byron Harris, the new system has led to a 98-percent decrease in the amount of warrants being issued for people that don’t pay traffic tickets. Harris then reminded the teacher that she forgot to give us any homework, as the class groaned.

Frisco Prohibits Pedestrians Using Medians. This comes after Ron Martin was arrested for standing in a median to warn drivers about speed traps, and then beat the case because they couldn’t figure out which city ordinance he was violating. So, they came up with one. Feels like a baby with the bathwater situation, but that’s just my gut reaction, which is never, ever wrong, ever.

Mavs Come Back From 22 Points Down, But Lose In Overtime. Ugh. This season may kill me.