Angie Harmon Introduces Conan O’Brien to Mi Cocina’s Mambo Taxis

He declared them "fantastic."

As we’ve mentioned, Conan O’Brien is coming to Dallas at the end of this month to tape a week’s worth of his TBS talk show ahead of the Final Four being played at Cowboys Stadium.

Last night Angie Harmon was among his guests at his usual studio in Burbank, Calif. The actress and Highland Park native offered O’Brien her advice on the first thing he needs to do upon arriving in Dallas: head to Mi Cocina at Highland Park Village for a Mambo Taxi. “You can only drink three,” she told him, warning that if he dared to have more than that he’s liable to end up falling over onto the restaurant’s floor.

Then she had a tray of Mambo Taxis brought out to share with O’Brien, his sidekick Andy Richter, and actor Jeff Goldblum. After taking a sip, O’Brien declared the drink “fantastic.” Then they did tequila shots. Watch the video for yourself.


  • DelkusSleeves

    Mambo Taxi at MiCos are good but c’mon, thats so early 2000’s. the first thing he needs to do is round up some hookers, head over to Twilight Lounge and drink some frozen whiskey and cokes.

  • JtB

    How come she is not recommending La Acapulcena?

  • Jackson

    While I still favor the locution first proffered on the Front/Burner Blog ©, “Jerry’s Death Star,” Yoda himself would like to remind that Cowboys Stadium is now officially AT&T Stadium.

  • Jackson

    A thought about the word “native.” Is it where you were born or where you were raised? I’ve always come down on the side of born. Since there’s never been a hospital in Highland Park, and Angie isn’t old enough to have been “born on the family farm” or some such, I’d guess she was probably born at Baylor or Presbyterian. If so, that makes her a Dallas native who was raised in HP.

    Incidentally, her handsome father Larry was the quintessential “Sanger Harris Man” in his modeling days.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree. If your family lived in Emory, you grew up and graduated high school at Rains ISD, and you happened to be born in Greenville because that was the nearest hospital, that makes you a native of Greenville?

      Now, if you were born somewhere and spent the first 5 years of your life there, then moved, it gets a little stickier. But to say Angie is not a native of Highland Park just because there are no hospitals in Highland Park, that seems wrong.

  • jasonheid

    Yeah, that’s my allergy to corporate renaming rights kicking in.

  • Jackson

    I can teach it either way, I suppose, yet I believe a person who grew up in HP — or UP — is basically a Dallas native. At least that’s how I view myself, broadly. After all, HP is only two square miles. One may live there and attend the schools there, but nobody who grows up there is confined to those two square miles. HP and UP, despite their home-rule status, are in essence Dallas. There’s a country club in HP, at Mockingbird and Preston. I forget its name. Oh, yes, the Dallas Country Club. We think of Preston Center as being in University Park, but it’s mainly in Dallas.