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Angie Harmon Introduces Conan O’Brien to Mi Cocina’s Mambo Taxis

He declared them "fantastic."

As we’ve mentioned, Conan O’Brien is coming to Dallas at the end of this month to tape a week’s worth of his TBS talk show ahead of the Final Four being played at Cowboys Stadium.

Last night Angie Harmon was among his guests at his usual studio in Burbank, Calif. The actress and Highland Park native offered O’Brien her advice on the first thing he needs to do upon arriving in Dallas: head to Mi Cocina at Highland Park Village for a Mambo Taxi. “You can only drink three,” she told him, warning that if he dared to have more than that he’s liable to end up falling over onto the restaurant’s floor.

Then she had a tray of Mambo Taxis brought out to share with O’Brien, his sidekick Andy Richter, and actor Jeff Goldblum. After taking a sip, O’Brien declared the drink “fantastic.” Then they did tequila shots. Watch the video for yourself.