Leading Off (2/20/14)

Arrest in Arlington Hit-and-Run, Gloria Campos is Retiring, Russ Martin is Generous

Arlington Hit-and-Run Suspect Arrested Trying to Board a Kuwait-Bound Flight at DFW. Omar Mohammed, 25, was picked up after the FAA alerted the Arlington Fugitives Team he was trying to leave the country. It was probably easier for the FAA to find him since there is a 50-percent chance he was already red-flagged.

Gloria Campos To Retire. She’ll host her last broadcast March 7, then be replaced by Cynthia Izaguirre (I just over-pronounced her last name a handful of times in my head, then a few times out loud). It’s cool. Didn’t want the gig, anyway.

Russ Martin’s Foundation Donates $30,000 To Family of Firefighter Scott Tanksley. The fireman fell to his death on February 10, and the radio host’s foundation gave the family a check the next day. He’s donated more than $500,000 to fallen first responders since 2001.


  • D. Shapiro

    Bless you, Zac.

  • Wes Mantooth

    Kind of a shame that “the Izaguirres” never became a phrase like “the Conomoses” did once upon a time. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about Timmy Typer. Celeste may remember, back before P90x claimed him as a victim and FrontBurner was actually snarky and edgy. Well, edgy-ish. More McGill-y, too.

    Sigh. Send in the clowns. They’re already heeeeere…