A D Magazine Guess-tigation: Will Mayor Rawlings Use Our Own Peter Simek In His Re-Election Campaign?

I don't know why I suddenly remembered this at least a year or so since I first saw it.


Will Mayor Mike Rawlings run for re-election? Maybe. Will he once again use our arts editor Peter Simek and his delightful family in his campaign ads? I hope so.

I wonder if Peter even knows about this. ALSO: Glorious shot of Mayor Mike picking up sticks at the beginning. Just getting a quick workout in.

UPDATE: Here is Peter’s reaction when I sent him this post via Gchat:

what in thw what?!?!?!
where is that from?
“all that talent, money, and best practices.”  Never been a poster child for any of those before
So, the answer to “Does Peter know about this?” was a firm “no.”


  • BradfordPearson

    SIMEKS 2014

  • East O’ The Lake

    I was hoping Tim “Loves DISD, but not enough to keep his kids there” Rogers would be the next poster boy.

  • Peter Simek

    So confused, like waking up and discovering I’m actually just part of Citizen Mike’s reality. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6NNGxVt7h4

    • lizuhbuh

      This is amazing.

  • Eric Celeste

    Peter, did you at least commission the Bruce Hornsby music?

  • Brett Moore

    I know, right? Catholics with there love of religious education and familial tradition. What a terrible human.

  • Brett Moore

    *their. Oh well. Guess I’m out of the running for the editor gig.