Leading Off (12/20/13)

May Suhm's semi-retirement, another teacher sleeps with a student, and Lockheed withdraws support for Boy Scouts.

Mary Suhm Has Strange Definition of ‘Retirement.’ The former Dallas city manager retired six months ago, but even then it was known that she’d stay on the city payroll through January 7. Mayor Mike Rawlings had requested that Suhm stick around to help finish up business like the next budget, a police and firefighters contract, and the planning for the JFK 50th assassination extravaganza. But even after next month Suhm will remain a presence at City Hall. Rawlings asked her to help plan the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting next summer. She’ll be paid with private money for that event. The News article notes that Suhm’s still-active role has put interim city manager A.C. Gonzalez in an “awkward position,” as he’s vying to have the term “interim” removed from his title but the constant presence of his former boss makes it more difficult to prove he can fly on his own. He should maybe give our own Cristina Daglas a call for tips on how to handle the situation. She’s had to live with former D Magazine editor Tim Rogers sitting standing right behind her for the last several months, and you should see how well she’s brought him to heel.

Wylie Teacher Arrested for Improper Relationship. Kristin Sims, a 33-year-old English teacher, allegedly had sex with one of her students in her classroom three or four times. Once on a Sunday, other times during her lunch period “on blankets and pillows that she kept at the school.” Sims has already resigned.

Lockheed Martin Ends Donations to Boy Scouts. The aerospace and defense company, which has plants in Fort Worth and Grand Prairie, won’t be giving any more money to the Irving-based organization. The announcement is more fallout from the Scouts’ decision to ban gay adults from serving as leaders. “We believe engaging with and funding an organization that openly discriminates is in conflict with our policies,” a Lockheed spokesman said. The company joins UPS, Merck, and Intel as major corporations that have withdrawn support for the Scouts because of its anti-gay policies.