Important Note About FrontBurner Commenting

As Tim noted this morning, and you may have read over the weekend, former NBC Channel 5 anchor Mike Snyder has developed an interesting side hustle as an internet troll and sock puppet on behalf of Museum Tower. It is important for us that FrontBurner readers know that we strive to avoid this sort of chicanery, but there is little we can do. If someone like Mike Snyder — a man who still uses “Not!” as a punchline for jokes, something that hasn’t really been a going concern for almost two decades — could do it, almost literally anyone could. Someone who just woke up from a 25-year coma could. A gorilla with a rudimentary grasp of human English and some sort of typing stick (because he has big gorilla fingers and would probably hit, like, four keys at once) could. A cup of coffee could. (Not a latte, though. Just a normal cup of joe.) Anyway, here are some guidelines for reading our comments going forward:

• If the commenter is on the side of Museum Tower, it is almost certainly Mike Snyder under an assumed name.

• If the commenter is on the side of Tim Rogers, it is more than likely Tim Rogers under an assumed name or it has been dictated by him.

• If the commenter uses jargon from The Ticket, the post was mentioned on the Ticket, and you can just stop reading the comments, because that’s all that’s going to be there.

• If the post is by Michael Mooney, skip the comments probably, because it’s nothing but in-jokes with his writing buddies.

• If the comment is by RAB, he definitely called or emailed someone up here to make sure his comment has been posted.

That’s pretty much it. I love you.