The Weather is Too Bad to Run the Sirens That Warn Us About Bad Weather

A FrontBurnervian passes along this amusing message that just landed in his inbox from the city’s Office of Emergency Management:


He asks: “We have a system set up to warn us of tornadoes, storms, etc and they cancel the monthly test because of bad weather? What’s up with that?”

Well, I had my suspicions about what was up with that, and those were confirmed when I called over to the city’s Office of Emergency Management just now. They cancel the sirens anytime there are overcast or stormy conditions, lest there be any confusion about whether it’s just a drill or a real happening.


  • D. Shapiro

    Plano just ran theirs. So does that mean there is bad weather coming? This is too confusing. I’ll just stay in a bunker on first Wednesdays at noon from now on.

    • Jason Heid

      Yes, this post only applies to the city of Dallas. In Plano, I suppose any time the sirens go off you better duck and cover then.

  • Brent Dudenhoeffer

    Not testing warning systems when conditions are questionable has been a practice for the past, at least, four decades.