Fort Worth’s George P. Bush Likes Beyonce, Also Announces Run For Land Commissioner

Yes, George P. Bush is running for Texas land commissioner. You can read about that here, here, here, and here. What I’m more interested in is his choice of song for his intro video: Beyonce’s “Halo.” New York summed it up best:

Having an instrumental version of “Halo” playing so loudly in your campaign video that it’s hard to focus on the lessons your “Ganny” taught you is bad.

Buzzfeed called Beyonce’s reps for comment; no word yet.


  • mikepickens

    ugh, another career politician, working his way up the ladder to……..

  • Freddie Reyes

    First of all this idiot! Thinks he can one day be the star of the republican party, that they so desperately need! Sadly, they are just using him because he has some hispanic in him, and everyone lnows thats the vite that wins presidency these days. but the republican party hates anything hispanic but want to stay in power, so they will use him and the other idiot marco rubio.Nope you can’t! We are done with bush! Now he wants to use beyonce because she has everyone in the palm of her hands(including me) haha!

  • Eric

    Vote (Insert Name) Bush for (Insert Office)