DFW Residents Use 200 Gallons of Water Per Day

Tucked inside this Corpus Christi Caller-Times drought editorial by Texas A&M ecology professor Kirk Winemiller is some jarring information about the amount of water we use here in Dallas-Fort Worth:

The most effective and by far the cheapest ways to secure water during drought are better reuse technologies, efficiencies, and conservation. There is plenty of scope to achieve water savings. El Paso residents use an average of just over 100 134 gallons per person per day (down from 167 gallons/person/day 20 years ago) and San Antonio residents have reduced their water use to 130 gallons/person/day. By comparison, D-FW residents use more than 200 gallons/person/day. Some simple math would allow us to secure water for ourselves as well as nature, and with a cheaper price tag.

According to this DMN breakdown from last summer, the average Dallas resident uses 110 gallons a day; the average Highland Park user, 364. So Dallas users: bravo! Everyone else that’s driving the number up to 200 gallons/day: get it together.

UPDATE: According to Martin Bartlett from El Paso Water Utilities, the El Paso number is actually 134 gallons/day.


  • Bud Kennedy

    And help stave off mosquitoes by reducing water use–

  • Wylie H Dallas

    City of Dallas residents are subject to strict limitations on the amount of outdoor watering they can do and also pay higher rates than many other Dallas Water Utilities’ customers. The sacrifices made by City of Dallas residents allows suburban customers and golf courses also served by Dallas Water Utilities more freedom to water their larger lawns, landscaping etc. at cheaper rates.

  • Dubious Brother

    Switching from Bermuda or St. Augustine grass to Buffalo or Reveille grass would save a lot of water and cut down on mowing substantially. Counties should require it on all new construction as well as in common areas.