Dallas Voice Publisher to Retire, Sell Paper to Longtime Employees

Thompson, Moore, and Cusimano. Photo: Dallas Voice
Thompson, Moore, and Cusimano. Photo: Dallas Voice

Robert Moore, the co-founder, publisher, and owner of the Dallas Voice, will retire April 1, the paper said in a statement. Moore will also sell the LGBT-focused newspapers to longtime employees Leo Cusimano and Terry Thompson.

“Friends who know me know that I love adventure travel. I love to get off the beaten path. The world is a big place. While many people are satisfied to experience a little of it, I hunger to see as much as I can. In order to do that I need more personal time,” Moore, 57, said in the statement. “I’m still young enough and fit enough that many of the things I’ve dreamed about doing I can do, but I cannot do those and at the same time give the attention to Voice Publishing that it deserves.”

Moore co-founded the paper in 1984, and has been at the helm for more than 1,500 issues. Cusimano, the current advertising director, will become publisher while Thompson, the current promotions director, will become president. Cusimano has been at the company — which also owns Dallas Voice Yellow Pages and online product producer Digital Seltzer — for 21 years, Thompson for 10.

“Today we celebrate as Robert turns another page in his journey and we start another chapter here at Dallas Voice,” Cusimano said. “I have a passion for this business, for this company.  Publishing is in my veins. I believe it is vitally important that our community have a media source for in-depth, comprehensive LGBT news and lifestyle information particularly local coverage.”

The rest of the staff will remain.


  • Mikey

    Wonder if the new owners would consider making an effort to keep adult oriented advertising material out of the hands of children? Ads such as the one from squirt.org (page 53 of the current edition) showing two guys having a “hot ‘n horny hookup” really don’t belong in a publication that is available free to everyone regardless of age. Those companies offer a platform for human rights violations, slavery and human trafficking to take place. Moreover, they really cheapen what is otherwise a pretty decent gay publication with a lot of potential. They’d probably do better to ditch the smut and go more high end.

  • Mikey

    Pun intended….

  • Melinda Mora

    I hope when I turn 57 I can say the same I love adventure You Go Mr. Moore enjoy ur future….