Grapevine Police: Alberto Morales ‘Made it Pretty Clear He’s Not Going Back to Prison’

Grapevine Police Sgt. Robert Eberling

Fellow prisoners and inmates of Alberto Morales have told law enforcement officials that Morales “made it pretty clear he’s not going back to prison,” triggering speculation that Morales may have planned his escape. Grapevine Police have solicited help from Miami, Nevada, and federal law enforcement departments to aid in the capture of Morales, who escaped from police custody in a Walmart parking lot Monday night.

Homeland Security officials have been warned that Morales may try to cross the Mexico border, Sgt. Robert Eberling told reporters Wednesday morning. Morales received “a prison education, in his ability to get away from law enforcement and his ability to get out of restraints,” Eberling said. The department has received numerous tips; none have lead to any viable leads. A stolen and recovered SUV once thought to be used by Morales has been eliminated as a get-away vehicle by police. Police do not know if he is still shackled.

There’s no reason to believe Morales has left the immediate Grapevine area, but police haven’t ruled out the possibility. Until they hear otherwise, they’ll continue to search backyards and drainage ditches, anywhere that Morales may be hiding.

“He’s very dangerous and anyone who comes in contact with him is certainly at risk,” Eberling said.