Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: Jan. 4-6


Happy three day work week. And now it’s time to get loose, but maybe not as loose as you got over the holidays. You don’t want Monday to be a repeat of this past Wednesday.


Believe it or not, I actually knew this before Brad mentioned it in Leading Off, but the Cotton Bowl is tonight. Even if you wanted to pay a bunch of dollars to watch Texas A&M and Oklahoma battle it out, you can’t. The game is officially sold out. (Caveat: there’s always StubHub.) Anyway, if you are an Aggie or an Aggie fan living in Dallas, Knox Street Pub is your official bar to watch the game. Pitchers are cheap, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say the place will probably be packed. Arrive early. Sooners, go to Three Sheets. Same rules apply. For some nonpartisan watching, though, I’d just as soon go to Frankie’s. And if you’re remotely curious as to why the Cotton Bowl isn’t actually played at the Cotton Bowl, read David Hopkin’s piece from our December issue. He says Dallas needs a sports commission.

If you’re not planning on watching the game, there’s a chance to get ridiculous at the Texas Theatre with their Flash Gordon costume party. First of all, they’re screening Flash Gordon in 35 mm, a spectacular cinematic achievement in and of itself. After that, stay for a drink and DJ duo Ghost Daddies.


The lovely and talented Bernadette Peters is in Fort Worth, singing at the Bass Hall. She’s a Tony Award winner with an arsenal of Broadway classics from the shows she’s starred in over the years, from Stephen Sondheim to Irving Berlin. You can still snag tickets online, even the cheapest seats. The price–$29–is a steal. Here she is, doing “Being Alive” from Sondheim’s Company. Lovely. “You Could Drive A Person Crazy” is great fun, too. Okay, I’ll stop.

And since it is the first Saturday of the month, the Nasher Sculpture Center is free. Activities include family tours, story time, an art scavenger hunt, yoga, and an activity connected to the monthly theme, which is “inspiration books.” Sounds promising for those new year resolutions.


This MIGHT have been the day we’ve all been waiting for, but now that that’s the day Kim Kardashian gives birth, we’ll have to settle for “a day that has been mildly anticipated.” That’s right. Downton Abbey‘s United States season three premiere. Squeal. Matthew! Mary! Carson the butler! The outfits! Shirley MacLaine! The outfits! The infinitely wise folks at the Angelika at Mockingbird Station are screening the premiere on one of their big screens for free. There will probably be people in costume. Show up early to ensure your seat, snag a beer, and enjoy a larger-than-life version of Dan Stevens.

For more things to do this weekend, which includes the Dallas Museum of Art’s late night and Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles at the Inwood, go here.


  • sooieeehog

    That’s Flash Gordon, two Os. Like it’s spelled in the link.

    • Liz Johnstone

      Thanks for catching!