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Park Cities Second-Grader Shoots, Kills Feral Hog

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This one comes from Park Cities People, the down-the-hall folks/my former employer. Reed Graff is a second-grader at Armstrong Elementary in Highland Park, and presumably enjoys a good juice box, some down time with a video game, and the finest of cookies. He also likes shooting feral hogs with guns as big as him. From Graff’s father, Stan:

“Fortunately, Reed is getting to learn about land conservation first-hand and has been at the ranch when we have done prescribed burning and many other conservation activities,” Stan said. “Hunting has been a part of our heritage for years, and Reed enjoys understanding nature and has just finished reading the children’s series on Daniel Boone, Wild Bill Cody, and Crazy Horse.”

I’m very interested in the conversation Reed is going to have with his “girlfriend” about the kill.

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