Park Cities Second-Grader Shoots, Kills Feral Hog

This one comes from Park Cities People, the down-the-hall folks/my former employer. Reed Graff is a second-grader at Armstrong Elementary in Highland Park, and presumably enjoys a good juice box, some down time with a video game, and the finest of cookies. He also likes shooting feral hogs with guns as big as him. From Graff’s father, Stan:

“Fortunately, Reed is getting to learn about land conservation first-hand and has been at the ranch when we have done prescribed burning and many other conservation activities,” Stan said. “Hunting has been a part of our heritage for years, and Reed enjoys understanding nature and has just finished reading the children’s series on Daniel Boone, Wild Bill Cody, and Crazy Horse.”

I’m very interested in the conversation Reed is going to have with his “girlfriend” about the kill.


  • sars

    Good job, Reed. I do think he needs some gun education, though. He’s treating that rifle as if it’s not real. Always treat your gun as if it’s loaded.

    • Scotch

      Agree on both. And the bolt was closed…

  • Scott Strong

    The conversation is going to be “Hey, you want some bacon? I killed it myself.”

  • Pete Moore

    Sick. Disgusting. He and his family may one day regret sharing this with the world.

    • my2cents

      Why? Hogs are not native, they do billions of damage a year and they kill other animals such as white tail deer. So why is this disgusting or sick?

    • Dallas D

      Why is this sick or disgusting? These hogs are an invasive species with no natural predators. They destory the land and need to be controlled. Teaching a child land conservation, respect for animals and the food they provide should be commended. I doubt any of this Hog would go to waste.

    • Tim Rogers

      Pete, I agree with the other commenters. Feral hogs are a real problem. And I can guarantee that this animal lived a better life and died a better death than the overwhelming majority of the pigs that wind up in the grocery store where you shop.

  • Lew Patton

    Most “liberal” folks don’t understand that it’s legal and there is a need to eradicate ferral hogs.

  • Kk.

    The way that itty bitty kid waved the barrel of that big gun around his little head had my heart in my throat.

  • FTL

    Plenty of liberal people understand that.

  • Tim Rogers

    Whoah. I hadn’t watched the video when I first commented on it. I see what you mean. I definitely don’t like to see the closed action and the way he handles the rifle. Open the bolt and point that weapon at the ground, son.

  • PeteMoore

    I don’t have anything agaist hunting and have no love for feral hogs. A little boy waving a rifle around and being nonchalant about killing something does bother me a lot. Many others have also pointed out his unsafe gun handling. Why not make a big deal if he gets good grades in school or helps a little old lady across the street. Making a video about him killing something when he is in the second grade is sick.

  • Glenn Hunter

    He wasn’t “being nonchalant about killing something,” It was sort of a big deal, as his proud father kept stressing. Hunting is part and parcel of Texas culture–arguably more honorable than letting someone else kill and slice up the pig so you can have it for breakfast.