Leading Off (1/15/13)

Richardson Bike Mart Sticks By Lance Armstrong. The doper got his first bike there, so the store’s general manager, Woody Smith, says he supports Lance. Smith told Channel 8: “He’s a homeboy. He raced for the team. He’s a friend. We still support him, his causes, and what he has done for the sport.” Smith said he also still supports Rafael Palmeiro, Josh Brent, Al Lipscomb, Violentacrez, and all the senior executives of Omni Consumer Products.

Man Kills Himself at Vista Ridge Mall. Yesterday afternoon, a man got into an argument with a woman at Vista Ridge, in Lewisville. Mall security was called and was escorting the man away from the mall when he pulled out a handgun and shot himself dead in front of a jewelry store. If only more people at Vista Ridge had been carrying guns, this tragedy could have been averted.

Irving Baby Becomes Internet Famous. Yesterday on The Today Show, they showed a YouTube video of 17-month-old Ethan Anderson shaking his money maker at Calvary Church in Irving. His dad, Coffey Anderson, was performing at a New Year’s Eve concert. The video has gotten more than 500,000 views. Wanna be next? Of course you do. It’s a baby. Dancing.


  • LBS

    “We still support him… and what he has done for the sport.” Translation: he has helped us move a lot of overpriced carbon racing bikes to people who should be riding econo.

  • Kk.

    So they support lying, cheating and drug taking. Do they support his bilking millions from his CANCER charities? This cancer patient says let’s stop talking about Lance Armstrong, unless it’s to support those that should be suing him for being the fraud that he is. And buy your bikes somewhere else people! If he’s your friend and you want to privately offer support to a friend, whatever, knOck yourself out. But a business that sells a large chunk of their merchandise to kids to blanketly support this cretin formerly of the pro sports world? Dispicable.

    • cbs

      You do not like that they continue to support Lance. Got it. But they are a business, so they must support your view. Wait, what? The beauties of America include getting to stake your ground, flaunt your opinion, and choose to shop where you want. As for me and mine we will still shop RBM regardless of whether they support Lance, Barry Bond or Roy Tarpley (well maybe not Roy).

  • Everlasting Phelps

    I missed the part where the guy went on to kill 30 more people at the mall after shooting himself.

    (I guess you intend to continue beclowning yourself with these lines until the red nose is permanent.)

    • Avid Reader