You Can Own Lee Harvey Oswald’s Bathtub, For the Low, Low Price of $235

A few months ago, before I took this position, I interviewed Jane Bryant, who owns a crumbling apartment building off Davis Street in Oak Cliff. The conceit was this: Lee Harvey Oswald used to live there, the city wanted it torn down due to its condition. The city won, sort-of – read some of the saga here – so Bryant is selling off the building piece by piece.

She told me she was going to do this back in October, so I’d been updating eBay recently, looking for the goods. She already sold some floorboards, and she’s in the market to unload some bannisters and medicine cabinets.

The coup d’gross, though, is the bathtub. The description:

LEE HARVEY OSWALD BATHED HERE! Original 1925 cast iron bathtub from historic unit #2 at 600 (602-604) Elsbeth, Dallas, Texas, listed in the Warren Commission.  Oswald lived there from November 1962 to March 1963 with wife Marina and baby daughter.  Building to be demolished November 2012!  To view property contact 214-577-7119.  Buyer responsible for arranging  and paying for shipping separately.

If that’s the kind of thing you enjoy – bathing in the tubs of presidential assassins– the opening bid is $235. No bids have been placed.


  • mynameisbill

    The flush heard ’round the world.