Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Dec. 6

Cute gift land.

Definitely watch this video. We knew the Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta Christmas album was going to be a disaster, but the video for a musical crime called “I think You Might Like It” has left me nearly speechless. Nearly. A few things of note: the weird unison toe-tapping in the driveway, the awkward running, the awkward hugging, the gross ball of facial hair clinging to half of John Travolta’s not-undersized chin. And why does it look like it was filmed at someone’s actual house? And yes, I get it. It’s what happens years after Danny and Sandy crashed the flying car they floated off in at the end of Grease into real life. Good grief, it is terrible.

Now, to scrub that out of your brain, you’ll want something akin to, say, Odd Future, performing tonight at Palladium Ballroom. I’m a little surprised that tickets are still available for this, but hey. Hip hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA, or, easier, Odd Future) is a rather large group of young rappers from Los Angeles loosely led by Tyler, The Creator. The group’s mixtapes are a signature cocktail of violence and nihilism, obscene lyrics and original beats. And if all this sounds a little familiar because you dig Frank Ocean, he’s part of the collective, too, even though he maybe doesn’t quite fit in with the rest. Earl Sweatshirt, the group’s youngest member, released a new video just a couple days ago. Good stuff.

Over in Oak Cliff, the Wigwam Holiday Pop-Up Shop, powered by and next door to Oil & Cotton, begins a weekend of gifts galore. Raya lets us know that you’ll find a collection of ethically made artisan wares, including leather handbags, jewelry (like jewels from Olivia k), sculptures, plants, blankets, scarves, and even beer. Plus, we’ve been promised tamales and cocktails. Drop in on Emporium Pies for something sweet after.  The seasonal Merry Berry pie sounds delicious.

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